Okay the first thing I suggest you do is assign the Freeloader to an F key on your keyboard.

Click here For the transloader

You can do that now if you'd like .....I'll wait.

Get whatever you want to transload on-screen and then go to the Freeloader using your "F" key.

Load Cookies...

This will load your pre-chosen cookies (see bottom of page)

"File To Be Copied"

This will show you your last visited URL
(The address of the image or whatever you had on screen.)

With midis you will have to ccp the song url or type it in manually.
Usually what will happen if you don't is you will end up trying to transload the whole page of midis instead of just the single midi you want.

FTP Server Info

Remote ftp server....

Type in whatever server you use..ftp.tripod.com or whoever.

User Login.

Put in your nick

Put Your Password on the next line.


You'll need subs if you're planning a lot of pages.
(If you don't have a sub,
Leave this blank)

New name for file.....

If the file you're transloading has a obscure file name like "centmon.gif" you can make it easier to remember by renaming it something like "centaurmoon.gif"

Before transloading click on

SAVE COOKIES ( at the very bottom of the transloader page.)

This will save all the information on the lines above so you don't have to fill it out all over again when you transload the next item.
Also you are able to save 8 seperate cookies.
Then when you first access the Freeloader you can choose where you want the file to go.

Its always best to look at the FTP report to make sure the transload was successful.

I hope this page will help.



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