OK once again this is just a basic explanation of things.

If you are planning on having a lot of pages,it might be wise to install your sub-directories before you transload a bunch of stuff into your regular files.

Once you reach the transloader,you will have to scroll way down to the bottom of the page,right under where it says"FTP palette" there are several choices,.Click on LMFTP/npw This will automaticaly take you to the page you need.

Here's where you enter your FTP SERVER,ACCOUNT NAME andACCOUNT PASSWORD again.

Since you don't have any directories yet,leave the DIRECTORY blank.(This is for when you want to review a specific directory)

Next click on ENTER

You may have to RELOAD this page until you can scroll down to see your files.

Now scroll down to where it says: CREATE DIRECTORY In the blank, type in what you want the directory to be called.

Some of mine are called slogifs, slojpg, slosmusic etc.


Again, you will probably need to reload the page until you see the sub-directory you created listed.

Now when you transload something you can put it into which ever directory you want.(put it in the directory slot that we covered on the first page)

Also now when you edit your homepage you won't have to type in http:// You can just type in whatever file name you want and the name of the image, like this: img src="your file name/whatever gif you want">

Always use the QUIT AND CLOSE feature,if you don't it will tie up space on the transloader, keeping someone else from using it for a little while(and the next person might be you,if the next guy doesn't QUIT AND CLOSE)

Well I hope this page will help. GOOD LUCK!!!!


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