Funny Names

Here's a list of funny names I've compiled. Just why I don't know. Maybe someone can use one of them for a internet nic.

Ray D. Aitor
Mason Jarr
Claire Voyance
Ruth Less
Bette Wetter
Morris Kode
Jerry Atrick
Dinah Sore
Stan Dupp
Polly Ester
Shirley U. Geste
Butch Wax
Frank N. Beans
Allen Rentch
Monty Zuma
Matt A. Dorr
Ben Dover
Nick O. Teen
Justin Tyme
Buster Hymen
Anna Septic
Sharon Sharalike
Earl E. Byrd
Dale Lee Bread
Bill Ding
Lilac A. Rugg
Dan DeLyon
Leda Doggslife
Alfredo D. Dark
Matt Tress
Sally Mander
Cilla Cohn
Terry Dactul
Bill Overdue
Katy Didd
Hans Zoff
Trudy Ages
Lynn C. Doyle
Chris Coe
Warren Pease
Otto Graph
Bertha D. Blues
Anne Teak
Faye Slift
Patty Cakes
Penny Ante
Bobby Socks
Bo Linball
Marcus Absent
Molly Coddle
Io Ewe
Kitty Litter
Moe Tell