Here's a little something that most of us share
It's those inconsiderate drivers that get in our hair

You know the ones I mean,the one's with heads full of rocks
Who I'm sure got their license from a Cracker Jack box

The ones who are oblivious,but drive on in style
With their left blinker blinking mile after mile

And here's another one to me that's a stumper
It's the tailgating fool who rides my back bumper
He just has to pass me,and does right away
But then he turns right(bout'a 1/2 block away)

Yet here's another little pet peeve of mine
It's when I wait so patiently at a stop sign
Waiting for them just hurts my head
When with no clue or signal, they turn right instead

Or those wonderful parents (Whom I'd just like to slap)
When they carelessly drive down the street with a kid in their lap

And the ones on the hiway who roll on in high gear
With hot coffee in hand and phone glued to their ear

But that's not you and me, why should I lie?
That inconsiderate roadhog is always some other guy

slo-hand 46