If you came from the main page then you already know that we at Scarabus' have borrowed (with permission) our story writing format from Becky and A.D.Social.
Here's how it's supposed to work...

1... An announcement of a story writing is posted in the ng.
Authors who want to participate then respond to that thread.
After a sufficient amount of time goes by (usually a week so everyone who wants to join in can) I will draw the author order out of a coffin, er hat.

First name drawn starts the story, second name writes chapter two etc.

2...Authors have three days to write their chapter, with the person ending the story getting five days cause sometimes the ending is the toughest.
These rules are not set in stone and in fact we bend them quite a bit.
If for any reason you can't do a chapter (writers block for example) simply let the Doc or I (slo) know and we'll notify the next author of their turn.

I do have one other thing that REALLY helps keep things semi-organized.

In the group, please don't respond to a chapter in the story thread.
If you like a story, and would like to comment on it  PLEASE start a new thread. This makes the continuity of the story flow much better than if one has to jump all over the group's posts following a story.

We do this purely for the FUN  of it. So please join us in our writing.
You never know, YOU  could be the next Stephen King or Anne Rice!